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Medical Information at Apellis provides current, accurate, timely information in response to unsolicited medical or scientific inquiries regarding our marketed or investigational products. We offer various channels to discuss your questions. Whether you contact us by phone or email, the Medical Information department is available to assist you 24/7.

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Please be aware that Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (referred to as “Apellis”) will use the personal information you have provided to respond to your medical information inquiry.

We currently collect and process your name and contact details, as well as any other sensitive information relevant to the report or inquiry you are making, in order to process such report or medical inquiry and to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations including those relating to providing a medical information service and to safety & quality reporting.

You can learn more about why, how we handle and with whom we share your personal data, as well as what are your privacy rights and how to exercise them by reviewing our privacy statement.