Medical Writing Grants

Apellis is committed to improving the lives of our patients by increasing the medical and scientific understanding and education in research and therapeutic areas of interest.

Apellis provides grants to authors for medical writing support by independent medical writing agencies to support the publication of research, including case studies or case series, where the grant recipient is solely responsible for developing the content and managing the content. All grant requests must be independent and unsolicited.

The Grants Review Committee meets regularly to review all submissions and awards funding based on medical or scientific merit, unmet medical need, and availability of funds. Apellis may approve or decline a request at its sole discretion.

Please visit Our Scientific Focus to learn about our scientific areas of interest.

Submission Process

Are you ready to submit your Medical Writing grant request?

Application Requirements

Medical Writing grant requests must be submitted through Apellis’ online portal.

The following information is required for medical writing application submission:

  • Publication description
  • Description of financial support requested (budget/fees)
  • Acknowledgement of Authorship Requirements
  • Please note: Apellis complies with applicable laws governing disclosure and reporting of transfers of value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations

Review Process

Medical Writing grant funding decisions are made through a formal, centralized grant review and decision-making process.  The Apellis Grant Review Committee assesses applications based on available funding, the volume of requests, and alignment with Apellis’ scientific and medical areas of interest, as well as the potential to improve patient care and outcomes. The Apellis Grant Review Committee may request additional information or clarification about the Medical Writing grant activity’s description or proposed budget, or other items, prior to a final funding decision.

Letter of Agreement

Grants and giving support provided by Apellis will be clearly acknowledged and documented in a written agreement between Apellis and the organization.

Apellis receives many qualified applications and regrets that we cannot fund all of them.  We encourage organizations to reapply for future programs and initiatives.